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I am installing the Bing sitemap plugin on a Linux Centos server running Apache2. I have been successful adding the module to Apache, but the sspService and configuration options are not clear. When running the sspService I get the error "Merge Processing Error".

root@php [/home/targeted/public_html]# sspservice
sspservice [directory] [publishing mode] [help ssp mode]
  [directory] Location of the sitemap generated data.
  [publishing mode] The publishing modes: 0-preview, 1-sitemap & robots.txt (default).
  [help ssp mode] The help ssp modes: 0-no, 1-yes (default).
Or for cross-server merge:
  sspservice -merge 
  (use "sspservice -merge" for help on the -merge option)
Merge processing error.

and if i try to merge i get :

oot@php [/home/targeted/public_html]# sspservice -merge
Usage: sspservice -merge   [sub_path]

    contains DeltaSnapshot.dat and FullCounters.tsv files - these are deleted as they are consumed.
    is where the generated sitemaps (and robots.txt additions) go.
    is for the IIS scenario where the site root is not the hostname root.
   Current working directory must be different from  and must contain config.ini.
See tools/CrossServerMerge/readme.txt for a description of the context in which this tool is meant to be used.

Has anyone been able to install the bing sitemap plugin on apache ? There instructions are not clear at all. I cant find the config.ini

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