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Thanks in advance for any help.... :) My setup is:

  • Pfsense version 2.1-RELEASE
  • 3 OpenVPN servers running on ports 1194, 1195 and 1196.
  • 3 interfaces defined - VPN_1, VPN_2 and VPN_3 - each assigned to the relevant ovpnsx network port.
  • I have ticked box: "Disable all auto-added VPN rules" in System: Advanced: Firewall and NAT.
  • The interfaces are all up and show an IP address.
  • I can connect into VPN fine.

However - I cannot get traffic filtered as expected. Any rules defined on the VPN_x lan are ignored. The only rules that are followed are any defined on the OpenVPN tab/interface. It seems very odd - I must be missing something obvious but I've tried and tried, rebooted, restarted and rebooted.

I would be very grateful for any help with this.



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