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I have a few folders named folder1 folder2 etc.. under a root folder. In each folder there are many xml files. In each xml file there are number of occurence of text patern (in case of under folder1) folder1.yyy . I want to replace all the with just xxx and folder2.yyy with yyy etc. I know first I need to get all the folder list and process each files under each folder and replace the texts accordingly. I using Ubuntu linux distro I tried sed but didnt succeed. Could you show me a qucik way to do this no matter whether it perl or bash or any other script. Thanks

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(Edited as per your comment):

for dir in folder1 folder2; do
  sed -i "s/$dir\.//" $dir/*

What this will do is for each directory you list (the folder1 folder2 bit) it will do a simple "stream edit" (sed) on every file in that directory and search for the directory name followed by a dot and replace it with nothing.

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Womble xxx is any string (I want to replace "folder1." with "") and folders names are changing script must get all the folder names. Thanks – Gok Demir Aug 19 '09 at 7:52
especially sed "-i" option what I looked for thanks. You saved my day. – Gok Demir Aug 19 '09 at 9:17

If you have mmv installed, you might try something like

for dir in *; do
    mmv "$dir/$dir*" "$1";

mmv should be part of most distributions, but is not installed by default some cases. I'm not sure if it is in Ubuntu.

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