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I want to disable TCP DELAYED ACK parameter on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for some performance tuning operations.

I have used sysctl command but it does not list this parameter. also in SUSE Knowledge Base Docs it is mentioned that "SET TCP DELAYED ACK = OFF" but not how to set it.

Can any one guide how to set it ? or any tool to set tcp parameters

I have asked this question on stackoverflow [here] earlier but as per their suggestion I am reposting it on

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I dont want to use TCP_QUICKACK or TCP_NODELAY – Ashish Chavan Dec 6 '13 at 4:52

The only Linux kernel I know of which exposes Delayed ACK as a system-wide tunable is Red Hat MRG 2.0. You could use CentOS with the kernel-rt package which gets you the same thing for free.

If you want to patch your own kernel here is a start.

The Novell knowledgebase article you have posted is over 10 years old and is for Novell NetWare, not Linux.

Everyone else in the world is using TCP_QUICKACK, you can too.

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