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I've, let's say, 5 servers. They are either public and private or only private (network), they all send e-mails, either system e-mails (local mailbox) or installed application (wiki, issues tracker, etc.).

And I've a 6th which I want to use as "central" server.

The idea is to configure all the server to send their e-mail to the 6th which will either deliver e-mails directly, or transfer them to third party (like mandrill, my isp, or someone which will take care of configure all delivery things (spf, domainkeys, etc.)

  1. How do I need to configure the 5 servers?
  2. How do I need to configure the "central server"?

Thanks for the guidance.

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The five servers are configured to use the central server as a relay. The main change from the defaults to achieve that is the definition of a relayhost:

# /etc/postfix/
# <snip>
# (deliver via mailhub)
relayhost = []   

The central server needs to be configured to accept mail for local delivery for your domain as well as allow relaying smtp mail for those 5 servers.

Again the main changes from the default:

# /etc/postfix/
# <snip>
# The inet_interfaces parameter specifies the network interface
# addresses that this mail system receives mail on.
inet_interfaces = all
myhostname =
mydomain =
# The ip-addresses we relay for:
mynetworks =,,,
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