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I have NFS shares on a file server that I would like to mount on a web server.

For example, a music streamer web application (subsonic) would be hosted on the web server and stream music files located on the file server via NFS shares.

1) Would it be better if I used autofs rather than a simple mount in fstab?

2) Could I use the same system to store web pages without losing performance? (Web pages rendered on the web server but ruby or php files stored on the NFS share). That way, a small team of devs could work on a shared folder and view the result on the webserver.

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Better for who? – jimbobmcgee Dec 6 '13 at 11:49
  • You need to define what you mean by 'better'.

  • The performance question should be easy to test in lab. Setup each scenario and run your workload on them both. Measure ad make decisions based on what you learn.

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