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I have a D-link DAP-1353 n2, I can connect to it fine, but I am not given an IP address. If I assign myself a static IP I can browse the network without any problems. Some other laptops are able to connect and get an IP without any problems.

It seems to be about 50/50 of users that can and can't connect and there is no obvious connection between them. What can I check that might help?

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So statics work but DHCP doesn't? or is it more intermittant? Have you checked that your scope is big enough? rebooted it? – Chopper3 Aug 19 '09 at 8:12

What OS are you using? Maybe the driver is too old for your Laptop WLAN Card/Stick.

Maybe you can try in the command shell:

ipconfig /renew

Checked for Known Issues on D-Link homepage?

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I'm using vista, some other users are on XP and one is using the HTC Hero phone. – Rob White Aug 19 '09 at 8:48
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I turns out the the router had a date set of something in 1970, I set the date correctly and pointed it at a time server and it now serves the IP addresses as it should.

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