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Hi I haven't attempted dealing with dependencies before so maybe I'm doing it wrong

I want to deploy an application, Dynamics AX 2009, to be visible and optional through software center This application requires a few other installations. Microsoft Visual 2005 e.g.

My plan is to make an application for each of these required programs, and add them as dependencies to the Dynamics app. But when I deploy these applications, I can't make these programs invisible in software center This means I have 5 different programs visible in software center. But I only want the Dynamics visible and the 4 small dependency programs to just automatically install in the background.

What am I doinng wrong.. is it because I don't even need to deploy the dependencies?

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Please find the link below to deploy the invisable application. please let me know whether this link is usefull or not, or after this link you are still facing some problem


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It wasn't. I figured out what to do.. I don't deploy the program at all.. And still add it as a dependency, Configmgr will still Download and install it, even though its not deployed. I could set the program as 'required install', then I would be able to hide it in software center, but I didn't want it as required, only if the optional program was installed should this also be installed. –  user195296 Dec 10 '13 at 11:41

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