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In my user environment I/(macports) have set my PATH to be in the form of


However if I have nested shells the PATH variable gets concatenated all the time, of course this is not a major issue, but still, isn't there a better solution?

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You can check if that directory is already in the PATH pretty easily:

for dir in app1/bin app2/bin; do
    if [[ :"$PATH": != *:"$dir":* ]]; then

It's looking for a colon-delimited directory within your PATH. Note that the asterisks need to be outside the quotes, as shown.

Another way to write it:

[[ :"$PATH": != *:app1/bin:* ]] && PATH="app1/bin:$PATH"
[[ :"$PATH": != *:app2/bin:* ]] && PATH="app2/bin:$PATH"
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Ok, the problem is simply that the PATH as-is is still valid for nested shells, i.e. we should not re-evaluate the PATH variable i.e. do not include this in .bashrc|.zshrc, but put this in .profile|.zprofile. Profile configs are run once for every login shell. In this context you can look at the profile configs as being an initial config.

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If the TS' problem is similar, but the above solution is not viable, then @glennjackman is a very great solution code-wise – hbogert Dec 11 '13 at 22:35

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