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After some porting and moving of drives and so forth, our new system reports my user account as being well over the quota limit setup. I am now supposedly using 135GB, but my quota is 21GB.

I can't seem to find where this space is being used, however.

I re-ran quotacheck to update the quota files, which didn't change anything.

The drive mount point is /home.

When I check the disk usage on my home directory with du -s /home/madeleine I find that I have 2GB of usage in my home dir. Looking through the home directory with ls, I don't find any other directories being owned by me.

So... where is this usage coming from? It doesn't appear to be my home directory, and I don't see usage anywhere else on the drive.

Can I get a better break down from quota or from another utility?

I have the possibility to elevate to root if need be.

Regards, Madeleine.

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I found a ton of files in a backup directory that an admin had made [and saved in /home/backups]. The ownership of the files was the same, so it counted against my quota.

Here's how I searched. In this case, I searched the whole file system. Searching /home would have sufficed for this case.

find / -type f -user madeleine -print0 | du -ch --files0-from=- > myFiles.txt

Regards, Madeleine

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