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I'm having problems compiling SVN 1.6.3 from source on our Ubuntu 8.04 development server.

I downloaded the 1.6.3 source files and dependencies and ran ./configure. About 2 minutes into the process, it complains about:

configure: error: We require OpenSSL; try --with-openssl

So I try running ./configure --with-openssl, but then it complains that --with-openssl is not a recognized option.

I Googled the problem and found someone suggesting to do ./configure --without-ssl. I tried that and it still complains about requiring OpenSSL.

The INSTALL file says that OpenSSL is optional, so I don't know what gives. We don't need OpenSSL... we are using SVN via the svn://, not https://.

Any suggestions?

FYI: I do not have root privileges on this server. I'm "just" a developer. The server admin says he'll run make install, but I have to do all of the prior steps.


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What does ./configure --help say? – innaM Aug 19 '09 at 14:34
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boohbah@pwn2:~/subversion-1.6.3$ grep ssl configure
--with-ssl              This option does NOT affect the Subversion build
# Check whether --with-ssl was given.
if test "${with_ssl+set}" = set; then

Try --with-ssl

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Thanks! I don't get the SSL complaint anymore. Now it's complaining about RSA_new, but I'll open a new question for that if I can't figure it out on my own. – Michael Moussa Aug 19 '09 at 15:35

I actually had the same problem over the weekend. At the moment I am stuck with the Berkeley DB problem however installing the openssl-dev packages fixed the problem with SVN not compiling.

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