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I have a server running WHM/CPanel. I have a mailing list set up and it has been working fine.

Today, I went to send a mail to the list (I am included as a recipient) but the mail never came through.

I logged into the Mailman admin area and checked the list archives. My most recent mail wasn't listed. So I checked the mail queue manager - nothing in there. I then checked the mail delivery report. The mail was designated as accepted by the server (local delivery) but when I view the email message I get this:

The message with Message ID “xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xx” could not be located. The message may have been deleted from the system.

The research I have done has suggested that someone is deleting the messages via POP. However, I don't believe this to be the case, as my users are set up as IMAP and also as the email is delivered individually to each email address and would be independent of the original message in the mailing list.

I also have it set to archive everything but it is not being saved in the archive.

There is 328GB free space on the server - and the list archive totals ~10kB all up - so I don't think it is "full" (if it can be).

Has anyone else experienced this? Suggestions & advice all welcome.

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