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I'm managing the e-commerce website for a retail store in Los Angeles, and use a subdomain hosted on GoDaddy as a fileserver to augment our Online Webstore CMS, which won't take large files (and honestly is an outdated and cumbersome system for managing files, but it's attached to our point of sale system, so the word on high is to make it work).

The trouble is that a week or two ago, stopped serving files publicly. Instead, is full of broken image links. Attempts to load any html files that exist in the root or to follow image urls makes the browser load a white page which says pageok with the following source code:

<!-- pageok -->
<!-- managed by puppet -->

FileZilla has no problem accessing these files with my ftp credentials, but browsers can't get it.

While researching an answer, I saw someone who might have had the same problem was referred to Server Fault, but I found no questions under "pageok". I searched for general subdomain issues with goDaddy and found this article,

so I tried to compare our set-ups to figure out if it's a problem with the DNS, but I'm in over my head, perhaps.

GoDaddy says nameservers are:

@ (Informational) (Informational) 
@ (Informational) (Informational)

In this context, what does "informational" indicate? Other DNS info:

For my a records, "*" and "@" map to
"blog", "files", and "livechat" map to, where you can see the pageok error.

I have the following cname records:


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So the files are still there in FTP, but won't load via HTTP? This sounds like GoDaddy's problem, not yours.. Googling godaddy pageok is turning up a lot of results with the same issue. Sounds like it's some kind of problem with their account management system? – Shane Madden Dec 19 '13 at 3:49
I've been emailing goDaddy support and have posted on their help boards and after two weeks it still hasn't been resolved, so I guess my question becomes how to be sure I'm correctly changing all the DNS information so that there is no downtime for the site if I move all the files to be served by the subdomain to dreamhost. Since the domain was registered with godaddy, and the main site is hosted by the CMS, would I change the nameservers to dreamhost and then point to the IP currently listed in goDaddy's DNS? – silverJay Dec 20 '13 at 17:59
Were you planning on moving DNS as well? – Shane Madden Dec 20 '13 at 21:24

It may sound too late for this one. But just in case someone else experiences it, here's how I get it through:

  1. Open your account on GoDaddy and check the server IP
  2. Do a traceroute on your domain. you can use or something similar other than your own route.
  3. If the ip's do not match, update your DNS entry for that domain and use the server IP specified on your GD account.
  4. Let your DNS propagate, which may take some time, and check the route again.

If it fails, continue looking for a solution.

Best of luck.

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