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I've been trying to solve my DNS-BIND problem for two days, but still no luck. I'm really a novice in DNS configuration.

This is my record file:

$ttl 38400
@   IN  SOA (
            38400 ) IN  A
www IN  A
mail    IN  A
ftp IN  A IN  NS IN  NS
localhost       A
dns1            IN      A
dns2           IN      A
@               IN      MX 10   mail
@               IN      A

Port 53 is open. says it could not get A records for my domain and no valid SOA record came back. I guess that's why I can't ping my own domain.

Guys, please help. I'm really confused.

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Currently the authoritative DNS servers for your domain are and (this matches what WHOIS says, which is a good sign). will return recursive queries (eg, it resolves correctly) but does not know it's authoritative for

Do you also run or is that from your ISP/registrar/something? The problem here is in, but it's not clear from your question which host you are running this BIND on...

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