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Are there any free Microsoft Exchange hosted solutions? I understand that Microsoft Exchange is a paid/licensed product, but I was curious if there might be a host that has a free hosting model (e.g. for <= 3 mailboxes per domain)? Larger mail boxes per domain == cost. ??

Finally, please refrain from suggesting other mail services (eg. sendmail, etc).


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If it exists, it is almost sure that's invite-only and the company has a way to cover this cost. It will be a throw away account – setatakahashi May 7 '09 at 11:05
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I don't know of any services that offer Exchange for free. SPLA licencing costs for Exchange run at about $5-$7 per mailbox, so any service would be making a resonable loss doing this.

Mail2Web offer the cheapest hosted Exchange I know of, 60 day free trial and then about $5 a month.


No free ones. SPLA (the only valid licensing agreement) from Microsoft has no provision for that. I can give you mailboxes for free for a limited time (IIRC 90 days), but after that it is "pay per mailbox" for me.

So, not only would Ih ave to pay the (non trivial) hardware requirements, but I also would have to pay the license costs for your mailboxes. Sorry, won't work.

Your options:

  • Host yourself ;)
  • Dont be cheap and pay a little.
share is also a low cost choice for Exchange hosting. One of the nice features that seaperates Appriver from other Exchange hosting providers is that each mailbox has unlimited storage.


I don't know of any free ones, but Mailtrust is a paid service, run by Rackspace.


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