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I've been fiddling around with AIX 5.3.7 for hours today, and I was able to build a VG and LV, but I'm having difficulty using all the space in the LUN I carved out (500GB). I'm not sure if i'm running the right commands.

I have the LUN mapped from the SAN to the AIX box as hdisk16

I have the PV activated:

chdev -l hdisk16 -a pv=yes

I have the VG created:

mkvg -y logBUVG01 -s64 hdisk16

I have an LV created:

mklv -c1 -t jfs2 -y fslv01 logBUVG01 1

I go to format it:

crfs -v jfs2 -A yes -g logBUVG01 -m /fslv01 -a size=500G

But it fails saying I don't have enough free partitions. I don't understand how AIX determines space from the number of logical partitions or PP size, etc. If someone could clear this up for me, it would be great. How do I build my volume group/logical volume to utilize all the space I've carved out of my LUN?

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Apparently, I couldn't use `-a size=500G.

Changing my command to use -a size=500000M worked:

crfs -v jfs2 -A yes -g logBUVG01 -m /fslv01 -a size=500000M
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