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I wonder if someone know how could I download the saved server image in a Rackspace cloud server. I have been searching and nothing found even in the Rackspace knowledge base. I know it is stored in the file system, but where exactly is it?

If I download my images from the server, I can save disk space, and if one day (I hope never) I really need to restore from the image, I can easily upload the image back. But this information in Rackspace is so obscure. I just do not want to open an ticket/support to ask only this question, and I hope someone else has had the same problem and help me out.

I'm using centOS 6.4, any help I will be very thankful. I mean if you guys know where in the file system the image is stored, it's all I need to know.

Cheers! ;)

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There isn't a way to download the server images currently.

What you can do right now is create an image of your server (which gets stored in the Saved Images section), then restore the image from there. This isn't what you're asking for, but that's the limit right now.

The image storing is part of OpenStack projects called Glance and OpenStack Swift (effectively they're stored to CloudFiles). While this feature exists, it's not currently exposed/implemented by Rackspace.

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Yes I mean server images, and you were direct to the point .. "there isn't a way to download them currently." I have created the image already and I was trying to download this image, but now I know it is not possible. Thanks for clarify the idea. – B4NZ41 Dec 21 '13 at 4:33
I'll accept your answer that actually solved the case. – B4NZ41 Dec 21 '13 at 4:35

Rackspace currently doesn't expose a feature to download your server images, but that doesn't mean you can never get one.

This is completely undocumented by Rackspace, but they have done it on request for other customers in the past:

If your server is unresponsive and you enter in a support ticket, Rackspace can usually take an emergency snapshot of your server and provide you with download links for it. For Linux instances, Rackspace will provide a gzipped raw image of your disk/partition; for Windows instances you will receive a VHD.

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I try search for anything that contains -> emergency*.tar.gz.* but in my cloud server there are nothing related to this name, not even a file. I understood that these backups are stored within Cloud Files but are not kept visible to prevent any possible harm from coming to the image. Then it is not in my cloud server, it is in the hackspace environvemnt, separated from my instance, a place that nobody has access expect hackspace itself. Anyway thanks. – B4NZ41 Dec 21 '13 at 14:15

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