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We've bought a HP 7102DL Router, and are having some issues with it, this is not new, so has no warranty or returns.

Basically, The Device was dead, guessing from previous configs or something like that.

So I connected the router through the console port, and took a look, I followed the HP Quick start guide, purely to assign an IP Address to the Ethernet Port, write that to memory, then configure the most part through the web browser.

This didn't go as planned.

I connect to the device, enter the Enable Command, then the config command

These launch perfectly, as they should, then i run interface eth 0/1 To select the correct port, this is also fine.

Now, when I enter ip address i get the Invalid or incomplete command, This goes for any combination of IP address and subnet mask, and it will not go further, always the same error.

I'm following this word for word off the quick start guide.

I'm not to comfortable in the console, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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