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I've created a stack, inside this stack have created two layers.

  • Rails App Server (Ruby version: 2.0.0, Rails Stack: nginx & Unicorn, no custom chef recipes)
  • MySQL (using built-in recipes)

And have created two instances. And finally App description like:

Rails Environment: production

Document Root: public

Repo type: Git

And then I've deployed this App. It's deployed successfully!

I can provide you deploy log but don't know which portion of log should post here?!

But in public IP it's redirecting to 500.html page! Please help me out, have been stuck here two days. enter image description here

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Have you tried changing the Rails Environment to development, redeploying, and seeing the more verbose output? This might be the first step into finding more details. –  Mike Fiedler Jan 1 at 13:40
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