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I have a SQL server 2005 with fixpack 2 installed on one server on C drive.

I need to uninstall it and reinstall in the E drive, can someone please help.

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uninstalling try to repair it first (just to make shure that uninstallation process will be clean) – Alex Bolotov Aug 20 '09 at 7:47

You cannot uninstall service packs you need to uninstall all of SQL Server, then re-install it.

To uninstall you can do so from Control Panel -->Add Remove Programs
Then select the sql server components & select uninstall

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Why not just edit the service instance so that it runs from the C drive but stores all data and databases on the E drive? You could do that without re-installing.

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You need to remove all entries for SQL in Add/Remove Programs, including the SQL native client and the XML piece. SQL 2005 sets a "shared tools" path on the install of the first component and that cannot be moved without removing everything. Also, a good old windows reboot afterward can't hurt either.

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