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How do i make MSSQL2000 listen to 1433/TCP only on

Server Network Utility only gives me the option to change listening port, nothing about address binding.

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No such thing in MSSQL2k i'm afraid. Http:// – evilSnobu Dec 23 '13 at 12:36

I didn't use sql server 2000 for 10 years now, but seems it, by default, binds to all the IP's and that there isn't a way to natively restrict this.

What Microsoft seems to suggest in this case is to close sql server port via IPSec using Local Security Policy Editor for all ip address. And add a rule to allow only on sql server port. I guess this could be achieved with Windows Firewall also.

Here is my source : (follow the thread using "Next in thread" link)

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Nevermind, the 'legacy' application i was trying to secure is doing this (from a client computer): TCP 10.xx.xx.57:20922 10.xx.xx.6:1433 TIME_WAIT Have to get rid of all this stuff, quick. This spells TROUBLE. – evilSnobu Dec 23 '13 at 23:57

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