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My Root Server is currently warning me that the cpu usage by mysql services is approximatelly higher than 300 % (quad-core)

Also the mysql tracking tells me that there are ~2,000 queries per second. Well, compared to my experience of visitors per second + queries per page, it shouldn't be more than 200. Normally even less than 50/sec.

I disabled persistent connections on my MySQL system, but it didn't help. Is there anything I could do to find out what's causing this high cpu usage and also this high amount of queries?

I also tried


but it didn't return more than 5-8 on-going queries.

P.S.: I might try to enable log slow queries; but I don't really know how. I guess I have to put it somewhere in my /etc/my.cnf-file, but... Is there any well-explaining article regarding that?

Thanks in advance!

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Try an app like 'mytop' to see if you can spot who is so active –  ethrbunny Dec 23 '13 at 15:20

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