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I'm trying to configure Site-to-Site VPN between Windows Azure and on Premise network using Cyberoam CR25iNG UTM Firewall

The Local Network Subnet is ( -

The Address Space of Azure is ( -

The following subnets have been created on Windows Azure

FrontEndSubnet ( -
BackEndSubnet ( -
ADDNSSubnet ( -
Gateway ( -

I've followed the instructions on

I've got a valid Gateway address and managed to generate a Pre-Shared key.

On the Cyberoam gateway, I've setup an IPSEC VPN connection entering the gateway details and configuring the subnets as follows:

Local Network:

Remote Network:

Cant manage to connect from the Azure Side or the Local Network.

Azure only has scripts for Cisco, Juniper and Microsoft RRAS.

Anybody managed to use Cyberoam to connect with Azure VPN?

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Cyberoam has given the solution for firmware 10.0 onwards. The detailed explanation is given on this URL

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Your link doesn't say anything about firmware. Did you post the wrong link by mistake? – Michael Hampton Aug 8 '14 at 16:29

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