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I have managed to end up with an LV with the following mirror setup (output from lvs -a -o name,devices,lv_attr):

  rawphotos                     rawphotos_mimage_0(0),rawphotos_mimage_1(0),rawphotos_mimage_2(0) mwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mimage_0]          /dev/sdb1(8741)                                                   iwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mimage_0]          /dev/sdc1(30743)                                                  iwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mimage_1]          /dev/sdc1(32081)                                                  iwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mimage_2]          /dev/sdb3(17343)                                                  iwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mimage_2]          /dev/sdb3(16062)                                                  iwi-ao
  [rawphotos_mlog]              /dev/sdc1(13)                                                     lwa-ao

I would like to drop [rawphotos_mimage_0] but the only way I see to control which image to drop is to use the [PhysicalVolume[Path][:PE[-PE]]...] argument to lvconvert -m1.

To drop mimage_0 I need to supply both /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdc1 as these physical volume arguments, but then it also considers mimage_1 as valid for dropping and chooses that instead. I also tried appending :... to specify the correct PEs to drop but this didn't help.

I can't find a dry-run option for lvconvert so I've found it difficult to experiment with this.

Is there any way I can make sure that lvconvert or some other LVM command choose mimage_0 for dropping?


Note that the difficulty here comes because /dev/sdc1 is used in both [rawphotos_mimage_0] and [rawphotos_mimage_1] - I didn't mean to get into this situation but now I need to get out of it!

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Can you add the lv_attr option to lvs? lvs -a -o name,devices,lv_attr – yoonix Dec 23 '13 at 22:34
Done - edited it into the post – Ganesh Sittampalam Dec 23 '13 at 22:54

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