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I have this external SATA drive enclosure: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816111166

It came with a RAID card which is powered by a Silicone Image 3132 chipset. It's been working ok for about a year and a half, but today I had to hard reboot the server its connected to as it locked, and the array was degraded (drive in slot #2 was corrupted). I've had this happen a couple of times before but it was able to rebuild without issue.

Today though it got to about 4% and then the rebuild failed and the drive was orphaned. The software event log said "RAID Group/Path/Target 0:1:2, Sense Data 70:00:04:00:803000000000000 (ScsiError)"

I had it try to rebuild again but got the same result. I removed the drive from the port and replaced it with a different one I had, not the same make or model but enough to allow the array to rebuild. The same thing happened with this drive, so I began to suspect the drive was fine and it was the card. The WD diagnostics (quick scan) reported the drive was ok and so far I haven't seen any errors in the extensive scan.

Am I likely on the right path suspecting the card? Is there anything else I could do to track down the source of the issue so I can fix this?

Update: I used another enclosure via the esata raid card. The backups to that worked as it was a pass thru. I reconnected the old enclosure to the other esata port on the card, and this time it worked when rebuilding the array. Could this have been a heat issue with the card? anyone had a similar experience?

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