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I have looked around whether anyone had the same issue but so far have not seen anything that would help me.

I have a homelab and two VMs (Windows 2k8r2) with public IP addresses hosted in remote site by a provider.

Homlelab is set up this way ( I omit some details as they are out of scope) - OpenVPN server in DMZ zone - Windows clients

Remote servers and homelab servers can communicate using SecurePoint VPN client using OpenVPN server as and endpoint and see each other in subnet.
Both homelab and remote site are in the same Windows domain , e.g mylab.corp . One domain controller that is called DC0 is one of remote servers and second domain controller called DC1 is one of the homelab servers.

Now ,the dilemma starts when I try to ensure that AD replication is running over vpn tunnel, not via Internet.
DNS entries for DC0 and DC1 are populated as

Naturally , name resolution is not working because servers can't reach each other via internet. The VPN adapters however are in subnet. Is it even possible to have 'dual homed' DCs in this setup?

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