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I work in a company that has one branch in another city, and I want to connect to a computer in my main office. I use Ubuntu in both locations, and I need use the printer that uses a serial port, and is connected in to the computer in the branch location.

I'm trying to do this with xrdp, and the connection works, but I can't use the printer. I I use this command to connect to xrdp: rdesktop -T 'Caixa' -g 70% -u cpd09 -p seha -r comport:/dev/ttyS0=/dev/ttyS0 201.xxx.xxx.xxx

Is there a log file I can check or any other troubleshooting step? I did chmod 777 /dev/ttyS0 on both computers, but does not help.


Eder Paulo Pereira.

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