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please advice how to stop the file creation under the directory -


the reason for that because the clientmqeueue folder have huge capacity and files created every day

I verify the folder capacity by du -sh , and folder nearly to 500M

please advice for all possibilities

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You can fix this by fixing/removing/killing the application that writes to it. Workarounds like removing the directory or changing its mode just address the symptom, not the root cause.

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please advice if I stop the service sendmail it will also to stop create files in this folder ? – Eytan Dec 26 '13 at 21:25

You can change directory permissions by command

chattr +i /var/spool/clientmqeueue

By this , no files can be created in this dicretory. if you want to remove protection, just run

chattr -i /var/spool/clientmqeueue

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