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I used build-couchdb to get a working current couchdb version. Now I want to move that to the default location on Ubuntu, define it as a server (so I can use service couchdb start) and finally start it when the system starts. When looking at the build directory I find:

  • bin
  • etc
  • include
  • info
  • lib
  • sbin
  • share
  • var

I'm thinking of two options: a) just move that all to e.g. /opt/couchDB and loosely follow these steps or copy them into the same locations as the debian installer would do with an older version. Then (I think) these would be the mappings?

  • bin -> /usr/bin
  • etc -> /etc
  • include -> /usr/include
  • info -> ?
  • lib -> /usr/lib
  • sbin -> /usr/sbin
  • share -> /usr/share
  • var -> /var

finally edit the default.ini and/or local.ini and configure the startup script.

My questions:

  1. Which approach makes more sense (also keeping an eye on upgradability)
  2. How to configure the service in both cases (so service couchdb start will work) - especially who needs to own what file/directory?
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