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I have a simple DHCP server running on CentOS 6 with the following configuration:

subnet netmask {
    allow booting;
    allow bootp;
    ddns-update-style none;
    option broadcast-address;
    option routers,;

There are two routers in my network .1 and .2 connected to the different internet providers and I want DHCP clients to use router .1 by default until it fail and only then allow clients to switch to router .2 by populating metric parameter for each router I have declared in dhcpd config.

This scenario works perfectly with static NIC configuration if you set metric on GW .1 equal to 100 and on GW .2 equal to 200.

The main problem that I have now is that client`s NIC set automatic metric for each GW and switching back and forth between GW .1 and GW .2 periodically.

Is there a way to populate metric for each router specifically through dhcpd on CentOS?

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