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I am running a stock lighttpd installation with no configuration changes. Client sees a 403 forbidden error trying to access static images (even from an img tag on a static page). Nothing in the logs about this. Research has turned up a number of 403 solutions regarding lighttpd but all the info I found is about listing user dirs or unable to access server at all, which is not the issue I am experiencing. I can't find anything in config files that would disable image access. Is there something in the stock config that would do this? What relevant configs should I check/post?

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With some insight from Lighttpd fails with 403 - Forbidden with SELinux enabled I checked sebools.

getsebool -a

to list all sebools. In my case I noticed that httpd_read_user_content was off. Enabling this

setsebool httpd_read_user_content 1

solved the 403 issue.

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