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FreeRadius are working proper

Sending Access-Request of id 223 to port 1812
        User-Name = "test"
        User-Password = "mypassword"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 0
rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, id=223, length=20

i m using daloRadius to create user, i want to use freeRadius mysql user login via thier PPTP VPN, because daloradius able to create user on GUI mode, but why now PPTP still following the chap-secrets file username and password.

my Radius setup are following those tutorial
1)http://safesrv.net/install-and-setup-freeradius-on-centos-5/ //setup Freeradius
2)http://safesrv.net/setup-pptp-and-freeradius-on-centos-5/ //then setup pptp

my PPTP server login user name still verify from chap-secrets file.

i want the username and password are verify from FreeRadius MySQl Database. what i miss setting?

u can see from the tutorial need to plugin

Next modify the CentOS: /etc/ppp/options.pptpd file, 
on Ubuntu: /etc/ppp/options-pptpd to include these two lines at the very bottom of the file:

plugin radius.so
plugin radattr.so

those 2 files radius.so and radattr.so i can't found in /etc/ppp/
and /etc/ppp/options-pptpd file inside are blank. i think it is wrong at here... right? only options.pptp this file inside have content.

this is my ls

root@syscomp:/etc/ppp# dir
chap-secrets  ip-up.d      ipv6-up.d      options.pptpd   pppoe_on_boot
ip-down       ipv6-down    options        options.xl2tpd  pptpd-options
ip-down.d     ipv6-down.d  options.pptp   pap-secrets
ip-up         ipv6-up      options-pptpd  peers

P/S: right now i m using chap-secrets file username and password to connect PPTP VPN are able to connect VPN SERVER.

PPTP are success connected, FreeRadius able to Access-Request Success,
just a problem with linking between PPTP and FreeRadius ?

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