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I'm looking into using Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) in order to reduce downtime when a server goes down. Basically, I don't want to change the relevant DNS records and wait for DNS propagation across the whole world, I just want to redirect traffic to another machine serving my app.

However, almost all my servers are not EC2 instances, they're VPS or dedicated servers with a company which has nothing to do with Amazon.

Is it possible to use some combination of Amazon's services (in particular ELB) which would allow me to point a domain name at an elastic load balancer, and have it forward requests to 1-2 servers outside Amazon's network?

If the balancer's IP changes, this would obviously not work (can't point a root domain name to it then). However, could you assign the balancer an elastic IP, and then point your domain name to it + configure it to forward requests to Non-Amazon-PrivateServer1 and Non-Amazon-PrivateServer2?

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ELB will only send traffic to EC2 instances.

You could have a couple nginx EC2 instances behind an ELB proxying traffic to your real servers, or you could just go the simple route and drop your DNS TTL to something like 10 minutes so changes reflect more quickly.

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