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I'm writing a munin plugin and display a GAUGE which displays a value which constantly increases.

What I want to add to that plugin is a day/week/etc. average. I simply have to substract the day's minimal value from the maximal value.

But I have no clue how to access that data. Is it even possible?

I've read on the plugin documentation that there are fields called {fieldname}.min but they seem to be config fields not data fields.

Did anyone try something like that yet?

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You'll need to store that data yourself, unfortunately. In the graphs that munin generates, the min/avg/max values are generated by RRD from the RRD database; munin, and munin plugins especially, don't have access to that data as far as I know.

Munin plugins are passed an environment variable named PLUGIN_STATE; it gives the name of a directory where the plugin can store data that needs to persist from one invocation to the next. You will have to write your plugin to use a file in the state directory to remember the daily minimum and maximum values.

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