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I have a client with an old 2003 server that bit the dust - I was able to recover the mdf/ldf of their project tracking database and am in the process of building a virtual machine to run it along with Deltek Advantage 8.0 (luckily they had the disk still).

I was able to install the software (which is just a gui built in Access 95) and attach the database to SQL Express (it looks like all the data is intact). When I go to link the gui to the database using the supplied "Advantage Database Wizard" it connects to the database then goes through all the tables as if it were linking them - however, at the end I get an "Error 0 -" popup. I hit ok and am brought back to the wizard.

I am at wits end with this - I called Advantage and they said they do not support the product anymore and my client would have to upgrade to "Deltek Vision" and pay $10k for support (yes, just for support - this does not include the price of the software upgrade).

Obviously I will avoid Deltek like the plague in the future, but for now I must get this database working as my client has to close out his books.

I'm unsure how to proceed from here... if anyone could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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The only direction that I could point you to is toward a pub. Though in all seriousness, nobody should be expected to support (or be expected to recover) software running on a 10-year-old database, written in 20-year-old software. There comes a point where it is unreasonable to expect you to support. The only thing that I could expect someone to be responsible for is the backups/restore of the server. –  gWaldo Jan 2 '14 at 18:00

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