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We have some website hosted on EC2 in N. Virginia region and it was working fine across globe, until some of our customer reported from UK region reported that they cannot access our site.

Configuration: Our site is hosted on an EC2 node which is attached to an ELB and issue is related to this setup in combination*

Investigation done so far:

While investigation we have observed following things

  • Only those user from UK region who are using internet service of O2 network cannot access our site
  • If we remove EC2 node from ELB then these user can access our site fine but if we attach EC2 to an ELB, site become inaccessible again
  • We have also tried setting up a new ELB and attaching EC node to it but the issue remains there
  • The issue remains even we move this setup to a different AWS region

We are experiencing this issue on 2 out of 3 configured ELBs. Only difference between them is the two which are not working has apche-mysql-php setup on it. The one which is working has tomcat-java installed on it. But I don't think it is an application level issue

Kindly suggest what can be done to resolve this issue

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