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I have Linux red-hat 5.5 cluster machine that connected to EMC storage

When I perform

    powermt display

command I see under dead line the number 1

In place to get normal state as 0

Please advice what this is mean? problem with Fiber channel or card ? what can be else ?

What need to check in the navyspare GUI ? or maybe run other navicli command for more verification?

     -----Host Bus Adapters ---------  ------ I/O Paths -----  ------ Stats ------
     ###  HW Path                       Summary    Total  Dead  IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors
     1280 pci@1d,700000/fibre-channel@1  optimal     22      1    -     0      0
     1281 pci@1d,700000/fibre-channel@1,1  optimal   22      0    -     0      0
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