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I am attempting to build a simple pf.conf which includes NAT allowing traffic out of the network from all systems on a select series of ports. In my basic configuration I have an internal server that hosts HTTP/HTTPS which will be accessible from the outside via the NATed IP. From the inside I would only like clients to leave the network on DNS/HTTP/HTTPS.


nat on $ext_if from $localnet to any -> ($ext_if)
rdr on $ext_if proto tcp from any -> $comp1 port http
rdr on $ext_if proto tcp from any -> $comp1 port https

client_out_tcp = "{ http, https}"
client_out_udp = "{ 53 }"
pass inet proto tcp from $localnet to port $client_out_tcp
pass inet proto tcp from $localnet to port $client_out_udp

With this configuration my server is contacted on the proper ports as I designed however my clients can always leave the network no matter what.

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This is because you don't block outgoing traffic by default on your localnet.

Try using something along those lines:

block out from $localnet to any
pass inet proto tcp from $localnet to port $client_out_tcp
pass inet proto tcp from $localnet to port $client_out_udp
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