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I have a few scripts that automatically send out small email notifications when necessary. I get a small number of auto-response messages (e.g. out-of-office or vacation) back from these. Is there a header I can add to the email that will indicate to (well-behaved) auto-responders that I'm not interested in any response?

See also this related StackOverflow question.

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Adding a "List-Id" header or a "Precedence: list" header should solve the problem for well behaved auto-responders. The behavior comes from the original vacation program for UNIX. Among other things it will not respond to an email that appears to come from a list. You would probably be better off with the List-Id header line than taking chances with the precedence setting but try both.

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I believe Precedence: Bulk is the canonical setting, but the number of people whose autoresponders obey it is miniscule. Fact is, the vast majority of autoresponders are badly behaved.

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