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I have a small website (around 30k hits per month) running in a VM on my Windows XP laptop. It's running under Microsoft Virtual Server R2. It's actually working really well - haven't had any issues whatsoever.

I arrived at this solution since the web server died and it's not worth it for me to buy a new server, since this site is a hobby, not anything serious.

This is a temporary solution since I need my laptop back.

I'd like to migrate this VM to my Mac which is on all the time anyway. But I don't see any server based solutions, only client-side ones like VMWare Fusion.

Is there any virtual solution out there that will run under a Mac and hopefully be able to read or convert my VM to its own format?

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You might consider VirtualBox. It's about as "server" as you get on a Mac

I believe it can natively read the VHD files.

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Yes, it does read VHD files natively, but it crashes when it does so. – AngryHacker Oct 22 '09 at 18:43

I agree fully with the VirtualBox option, however to answer the question regarding server options, Parrallels have a Server edition that runs on X-Serve. This is possible not a solution in this situation but an alternative non the less.

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