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We are developing a Spring MVC application which does LDAP authentication using Spring Security framework. The problem we are facing is that the authentication works just fine on our development server, i.e. localhost, but when we deploy it on the production server it takes usually 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes even an hour. Than on some occassions it may authenticate instantly. It is totally random. We don't think it is a traffic issue because even on off days, when nobody is using our application, the problem persists. Please advise.

Development Server is Tomcat 7.

For production server we have tried both Weblogic 12c and Tomcat 8.

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Is the LDAP "Database" the same for both Dev and Prod environnement ? Is the LDAP "Database" stored on the application server itself or on a dedicated server ? –  krisFR Jan 6 at 12:29
The LDAP database is the same for both environments and it is stored on a dedicated server. –  6nagi9 Jan 6 at 12:37
Find out what solution is used for the LDAP, if the PRD is in a replicated system this can be a symptom of one node having high load or a replication issue happening. –  Schrute Jan 11 at 7:29

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