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Is it possible to mount a virtual folder exposed by ISS from linux? I have tried to mount it in Ubuntu and RHEL 4 over a LAN.

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A virtual folder in IIS is something completely different than a shared folder in Windows or any other OS. Virtual folders are just folders at web-browser level. Maybe if you allow browsing in this virtual folder, though I doubt this. But technically speaking, a virtual folder with browsing enabled generates a webpage where you could walk through the files and child folders, just like a regular folder. If there's something for Linux that can translate these kind of browse-enabled sites to a regular folder structure, then maybe. Otherwise, nope.

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I think you can achieve something similar with reverse proxying technology.

E.g if you have a virtual folder on ISS you can make it available at, so that end user will never know of your IIS existance.

Nginx is really good choice for such things.

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