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I recently tried upgrading System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Orchestrator to System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator on a Windows Server 2012 instance, running in VMware Workstation. According to the Microsoft TechNet documentation, you basically remove all of the Service Pack 1 Orchestrator components, and then install the new R2 Orchestrator components.

  • Management Service
  • Runbook Service
  • Orchestrator console and web service

So, that's what I did. When it got to the point of running the Orchestration Console and Web Service installation, it failed.

The relevant portion of WebComponentsMSI.log file indicates the following:

MSI (s) (10:A8) [10:52:15:669]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSIC647.tmp, Entrypoint: WriteIIS7ConfigChanges
WriteIIS7ConfigChanges:  Error 0x80090016: Failed to Commit IIS Config Changes
WriteIIS7ConfigChanges:  Error 0x80090016: WriteIIS7ConfigChanges Failed.
CustomAction WriteIIS7ConfigChanges returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
MSI (s) (10:4C) [10:52:15:760]: Note: 1: 2265 2:  3: -2147287035 
MSI (s) (10:4C) [10:52:15:760]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (10:4C) [10:52:15:760]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
Action ended 10:52:15: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator Setup failure

So far, I have tried removing IIS and reinstalling it completely from scratch. That has made zero impact on the problem thus far.

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