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I have a cluster of Apache Traffic Server. These are operating as reverse proxy for a set of tomcat instances, each having, say 5 servlets. I need to configure the ATS in such a way that there is minimal IP hardcoding in remap.config

So, if there are 'm' ats nodes and 'n' tomcat servers, that will result in n*5 unique URLs per ATS, implying m*n*5 unique entries in remap.config for mapping all the scenarios.

I find this too cumbersome to maintain. Is there way to configure it such that, if any of the ATS receives a request for any of the servlets, then the request is sent to any of the tomcats, resulting in just 5 mapping entries?. Is there any smart of specifying it with regex_map in remap.config?.

Or is using a HTTPd load balancer in front of the Tomcats more advisable?

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