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I want to sniff USB packets being sent from my Mac to a device. For various reasons I cannot use Linux or Windows, and I'm stuck with Mac OS. Can anyone recommend a packet sniffing method? I've tried the following:

  1. USB Prober. This gives a very detailed kernel log stream, but does not provide me with the actual contents of the packets.
  2. Wireshark. This can sniff USB on Linux, but can't seem to sniff on Mac OS, because the USB interfaces don't appear in the interface list.

To be clear, I'm trying to sniff USB traffic, as in the control signals that go over USB, not traffic from a network device plugged in via USB.

For those who insist on a reason: The Apple aluminum keyboard waits 200 milliseconds between the depression of the caps lock key and sending the caps lock signal. When remapping caps lock to control, this delay is very inconvenient because it often causes you to just enter "c" rather than "Ctrl-C". This delay is implemented in the keyboard firmware, and cannot be changed in Linux.

On OS X, you can set the caps lock key to be an extra control key, which eliminates the delay. My hypothesis is that I'll be able to spot whatever USB directive is sent to the keyboard to change this behavior, and then I can craft a communication on Linux to do the same.

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Do you mean 'packet' and USB, or do you mean 'USB-based Ethernet Adapter' - as the two don't really match –  Chopper3 Jan 8 at 16:21
I'm trying to sniff USB itself. I added the clarification. –  Alex Jan 8 at 16:28
What problem are you trying to solve, specifically? –  mfinni Jan 8 at 16:35
Why would you think wireshark would help then? –  Chopper3 Jan 8 at 16:47
Well I've learnt something new today :) –  Chopper3 Jan 8 at 17:09