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Is there any other programs that can generate visuals/graphs/diagrams (movie and pictures) to visualize IO across a full device other then seekwatcher?

NOTE: seekwatcher generates visuals(pic/movie) from output traces generated by blktrace. it uses blkparse to make sense of it all and generate human readable output it can parse for times,read/writes, and locations on disk and to generate the visuals

I made a cool article about blktrace and blkparse and seekwatcher (because it was annoying trying to figure out how to install it perfectly - got many errors that I had to sift out, so this might help some people out):

After working with it I realized I wanted something more.

I saw one cool tool but I dont think its available to the public(I hope it is):

Does anyone know where to get this tool (the one IBM used in their research?) I emailed their team for source code or access to the app (just emailed them 5 minutes ago so still waiting on that reply - if it will ever come...)

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I think this is roll your own territory... – ewwhite Jan 12 '14 at 13:22

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