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I was searching for AMI's with pfsense but seems like they are all vanished somehow :S How cuold I install pfsense on a FreeBSD ec2 instance besides creating a local image -> converting into raw than AMI...

Thx in advance

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Pfsense is it's own customised OS. You can't 'install' pfsense on an existing FreeBSD system as there is nothing released to allow you to do this.

This pfsense Digest post also lists the currently available official AMIs

The certified instance is

It’s AMI ID id ami-6821b858

The public instances are

US East (N. Virginia) - ami-11a58278

US West (Oregon) - ami-3430ab04

US West (N. California) - ami-0c417049

EU (Ireland) - ami-9c1541ce

Asia Pacific (Singapore) - ami-9c1541ce

Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - ami-1f0e681e

Asia Pacific (Sydney) - ami-6fdf4055

South America (Brasil) - ami-cb13b5d6

Honestly, it took me 30 seconds to find this - you should really learn to use a search engine, they are the way forward.

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