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I have installed openvpnas on redhat5.10 via the package from openvpn. When I start the server it will start the webserver for administration but it wont start the the openvpn service.

So I did my research (googled my ass off) but it looks to much like the problem which people have with VPS machines. I tried this on vmware esx and virtualbox and both have the same problem.

It resides in the part where openvpnas wants to insert the magic into iptables and its this rule in particular

-A AS0_IN_ROUTE -j MARK --set-mark 0x4000000

the script wants to append this to the *filter table which is wrong i think. Supported by the error in my /var/log/message (ip_tables: MARK target: only valid in mangle table, not filter). I just cant believe that either I cant find it on Google or I am the first one with this problem. This server is supposed to be a proof of concept so there isnt a license yet.

I've checked the iptables kernel modules I think everything is there. Also I checked the content of /dev/net/tun and that had the expected content.

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