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I'm trying to set up an ftp server for the first time (under Debian Squeeze) and after searching through Google, I decided to use proftp.

NOTE: I have a PostgreSQL server running in the same machine where the ftp will be.

I now have a question about virtual users. Looking at some howto's, I think that the best way to set up the ftp is to use virtual users, but all those howto's I found create a new database to store the login/password information, whereas I want proftpd to allow connection only to those users who have rights in PostgreSQL. I mean, only to those users that are listed when doing this:

# su - postgres
$ psql
$ \du

I have modified the sql.conf file accordingly to my needs, but I'm not sure what to do with the last sections:

<IfModule mod_sql.c>
SQLBackend  postgres
SQLEngine on
SQLAuthenticate on
SQLAuthTypes Backend Crypt

#SQLConnectInfo proftpd@sql.example.com proftpd_user proftpd_password

# Describes both users/groups tables
#SQLUserInfo users userid passwd uid gid homedir shell
#SQLGroupInfo groups groupname gid members

And is the groups table required?

I'm asking before doing something funny with the server and mess it up.

EDIT 1: This is what \du prints. The column tags may be wrong as I'm translating directly from Spanish and I don't know how the chart is displayed in English. So sorry about that.

So, the users I would like to be able to connect to the ftp are: *chair_1*, *chair_2*, *wall_1* and myuser.

                  Role List
 Role name     |      Attributes     | Member of 
 chair         | Can't connect       | {}
 chair_1       |                     | {chair}
 chair_2       |                     | {chair}
 wall          | Can't connect       | {}
 wall_1        |                     | {wall}
 myuser        | Superuser           | {}
               : Create role             
               : Create BD              
 postgres      | Superuser           | {}
               : Create role             
               : Create BD   
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You mean checking permissions on postgresql in addition to providing your own users table/view or instead of it? In the latter case how do you get the fields like uid,gid,homedir...? –  Daniel Vérité Jan 16 '14 at 18:57
@DanielVérité What I want is something like: 1-I connect to the ftp with my login/pass. 2-If my login is listed in the Role name column of \du output, let me in. If not, refuse the connection. I think this would be the instead of it case. In that case, is it possible to have all the Role names have the same gid and homedir? –  Adri C.S. Jan 17 '14 at 8:05

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