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I have 2 VPS in 2 locations. The first vps is located in Iran and has the ip : A.A.A.A. The second vps is located in the USA and has the ip : B.B.B.B.

I run pptp/l2tp on server 1 and my VPN users connect to it through the valid ip : A.A.A.A. Also, I run openvpn on server 2 (B.B.B.B).

I want to connect server 1 to 2 and forward all traffic to server 2. In other words , when my users connect to server 1(A.A.A.A), they can use the internet of server 2 with ip B.B.B.B.

I also tried to connect server 1 to 2 with openvpn with "redirect-gateway def1" but when it connected completely, it lost its valid ip A.A.A.A and my clients cannot ping A.A.A.A...

How do I get this to work?


edited : i can connect 2 server via openvpn "site so site" , and they can ping Each other without losing valid ip , but i cannot redirect traffic from server A.A.A.A to B.B.B.B

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I don't think you're doing this correctly. You need to redirect the pptp traffic on BBBB, not the openvpn traffic.

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It might be more useful to the OP to include more specific recommendations that might help him solve his problem. – Katherine Villyard Jan 17 '14 at 21:44
Yes, that's true. But look here, we don't have any information as to OS or software implementation. I'm very skilled in using OpenVPN on both Windows and Linux, but PPTP implementations will vary. I also took note that our OP has a box in Iran, and that wipes out a whole array of possibilities by the fact that the government there will literally put a whip to the back of anyone trying to use OpenVPN. We can only do what we can. – codenoir Jan 18 '14 at 1:06
The question is tagged linux. – Katherine Villyard Jan 18 '14 at 2:26

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